Content Coordinator (Production/Post-Production)


  • This role is designed to ensure that the many projects conducted within SCS and for SCS clients reach successful outcomes; that milestones are met, resources managed, communication remains consistent and process is followed; that SCS remains at the forefront of knowledge and expertise in all areas of its capabilities in order to deliver services unmatched elsewhere
  • The job of a content coordinator is to
    • coordinate the efficient and successful production of all content produced by Schiefer Chopshop
    • support the efforts of the Content Project Manager in the management and execution of SCS content projects
    • work directly with the Content Producers and Traffic Department to support their efforts and to ensure that SCS content has gone through the appropriate channels from creative development through final delivery
    • act as Production Coordinator for SCS projects as needed
    • tracking purchase orders and costs for SCS content department
    • all duties and responsibilities included in the job description
  • This role requires an understanding of SCS agency and clients’ needs and to quickly grasp each entity’s goals, and make use of the resources of the agency, to coordinate the people and assets in the content department effectively and ensure client and agency satisfaction
  • This role requires industry experience, expertise, and the application of judgment based upon these factors for the execution of successful campaigns for SCS clients


  • Work directly with the Executive Producer and the Content Project Manager to help develop, plan and execute effective, efficient and successful content production
  • Work directly with the Content Producers, including producers, editors and motion graphics artists (both in-house and third party) to support them to reach their daily and campaign goals and duties
  • Execute the duties of an industry standard Production Coordinator as needed for various projects
  • Work directly with the Traffic Department to assist with content delivery, including the use of spreadsheets and other project management software
  • Assist in the inventory and archival of SCS assets, including final project files
  • Assist in the tracking, and if necessary suspending, the use of licensed materials in SCS assets, including talent and music usage expirations
  • Help manage the budgets and expenses of the Content Department, including tracking purchase orders and expenses for SCS content department
  • Assist in tracking production manhours, including billing for edit and graphics bays
  • Assist in the problem resolution within the team, across agency departments and with clients
  • All other duties necessary as directed by management for the successful servicing of SCS projects and clients

You are someone who:

  • Is skilled at listening to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions when appropriate, and allowing others to speak without interrupting them
  • Builds mutual trust and encourages respect and cooperation among team members
  • Inspires loyalty and trust, handles oneself ethically following core values and beliefs
  • Builds a culture of excellence, empowerment and constant learning
  • Delivers unsurpassed customer service
  • Delivers clear, consistent communication to department heads and teammates
  • Demonstrates an agile mindset to embrace, and successfully handle fluid landscapes
  • Quick to absorb and analyze large amounts of information
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and imaginative
  • Approachable, outgoing and diplomatic
  • Able to present ideas with conviction
  • Highly organized and flexible
  • IT literate
  • Comfortable both leading and working as part of a team
  • Skilled at negotiating and motivating others
  • Demonstrates awareness of the holistic business situation
  • Works until the work of the moment is done – may be after hours and occasionally needed on weekends
  • Demonstrates diplomacy and patience when it comes to challenging situations with internal and external teams and stakeholders
  • Demonstrates superior prioritization skills and ability to change focus rapidly within a given day – there will usually be too much work to get done at any given time, but it all eventually needs to get done
  • Has ability to develop creative solutions to problems


  • Strong communication skills and attention to detail
  • Minimum two years production coordinator experience or similar
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and the Google Drive platforms
  • Ability to use a variety of project management platforms


  • Compensation based upon experience
    • Position is exempt and salaried
    • Position is full-time
    • Position offers all other benefits as defined in SCS employee handbook
  • Annual review

To be considered, please email cover letter and resume to

Schiefer Chopshop is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other protected status.