They inspire us to do great things.

Find better solutions.

Build lifelong friendships.

Inspire changes of heart and mind.

Turn brands into a living part of culture.
SCS is the solidified friendship of a 31-year old integrated media company, and a 15-year old production company.

We blend analytical smarts with fresh and powerful storytelling for an intelligent and disruptive way of uniting brands with customers.

Inputs. Outputs. Globe hopping with surfers. Pie charts. Analysis. Sleepless nights into the world of gamers. 30 years of automotive instinct. Starting parties. Ending problems. Fuel for the mind. Fuel for the soul. Clients' passions. Customers' pain points. Opportunities. Objectives.

Everything goes in, the irrelevant is cast out, the fun begins, and the results are pretty sweet.

Schiefer ChopShop is an international media and content agency based in Irvine, CA. Founded in 2016 by the merger of Schiefer Media and the content creation studio Chopshop, SCS combines proprietary data-driven media planning and innovative creative content for global brands.