NEWS, August 16, 2018

Fuel acquired by Schiefer Chopshop
Schiefer Chopshop (SCS) has acquired Ottawa digital agency Fuel, giving the California shop the digital and technological capabilities it has been searching for and helping it to establish its first Canadian office., August 9, 2018

Ottawa-based Fuel Industries acquired by California agency
One of Ottawa’s struggling tech firms has a new lease on life after an acquisition that sets the digital agency back on its original path., August 9, 2018

Schiefer Chopshop Acquires Fuel to Expand Its Digital Capabilities and Raise Its Innovative Integrated Marketing Offerings to the Next Level
In a deal that integrates advanced digital capabilities into its creative marketing mix, Irvine-based Schiefer Chopshop (SCS) acquires Fuel Industries (Fuel), a digital agency from Ottawa, Canada. Schiefer Chopshop, known for their proprietary data-driven media planning and innovative creative content for global brands, elevates their digital division with the addition of Fuel to provide enhanced creative, content, media, social media and brand solutions to clients., July 24, 2018

‘Phone Swap’ Content Unlocks Awareness For Boost Mobile On Snapchat
Boost Mobile’s recent campaign on Snapchat’s hit series “Phone Swap” went three levels deep to make its ads as seamless and relevant as possible – all the more important because they were among the app’s first unskippable ads., May 4, 2018

Perspectives: Women in Advertising 2018, Catherine Gudvangen
The biggest challenge? We’re still using a chisel instead of an ice pick., May 15, 2018

In Conversation with Schiefer Chopshop’s Jeff Roach
President and CSO on the agency’s recent merger, leveraging strategy within creativity and why adland loves a crisis., March 1, 2018

Creative Director's Choice: Zach Lyons of Schiefer Chopshop on the honesty of Nissan's #SheDrives
Zach Lyons, chief creative officer and founding partner at content and media agency Schiefer Chopshop, praises Nissan’s #SheDrives campaign in Saudi Arabia for its honesty., February 2, 2018

The Ever-Changing Role of a Creative Director
It’s no secret that you must bend a few rules and adapt to new climates if you want to stay ahead of the game. Which is why the role of creative directors and officers has transformed and expanded to something far more dynamic in recent years., September 7, 2017

This California Agency Analyzes the Effectiveness of Campaigns and Adjusts in Real Time
Schiefer Chopshop mixes creative and media buying. After running their own independent shops for decades, James Schiefer, founder of media agency Schiefer Media, and Zach Lyons, founder of creative content firm Chopshop, joined forces last December to form a new venture: Schiefer Chopshop., January 23, 2018

Watch Rampage Jackson Flip the Switch for Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile tapped frequent collaborator Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson for a series of hilariously unexpected social videos to coincide with his upcoming appearances in the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix., October 2, 2017

Prestone "DEFY the Elements" (2017) :30
For 90 years now, Prestone has helped drivers defy the elements, whether it's winter cold or hot summer temperatures. Corrosion has met its match. For all the extremes the Earth throws at you, Prestone defies., July 27, 2017

Schiefer Chopshop Launches New Global Campaign for BlackBerry Mobile’s KEYone Smartphone
BlackBerry Mobile tapped media and creative agency Schiefer Chopshop (SCS) to launch the new BlackBerry Mobile brand with a whole new campaign for its innovative new KEYone – the first mobile device under TCL Communication, a top-5 smartphone manufacturer in North America., July 27, 2017

Do More. Different. Anthem Blackberry Commercial
The Film titled Do. More. Different. Anthem was done by Schiefer Chopshop advertising agency for Blackberry. It was released in Jul 2017., July 13, 2017

Brands use workarounds to be found on Snapchat
Rather than simply slapping a Snapcode on an Instagram or Facebook feed, a brand should offer an exclusive gift to the consumer that would make them want to jump ship., June 29, 2017

Boost Uses 'Thunder Pony' Power To Defeat 'Evil Mobile Mega Corps'
The battle for wireless customers is heading into the fantastical intergalactic realm. Via a new mobile interactive game, Galactic Thunder Pony, Boost Mobile encourages consumers to defeat the “evil mobile mega corps” and free intergalactic customers from their “devious contracts, throttled data and life-sucking fees.”, October 3, 2017

Prestone Defying the Elements - Motor Trend Presents
Content advertisment created by Schiefer Chopshop for Prestone, May 19, 2017

Hearthstone - "Mulligans - Episode 1", May 15, 2017

Customers Flip Off Their Wireless Provider in New Boost Mobile Campaign
Boost Mobile recently tapped integrated creative agency Schiefer Chopshop (SCS) to develop and produce “Project Switch” a national campaign for television, radio, out-of-home, digital, and social media premiering from May 11th. The campaign encourages wireless consumers to visit Boost retail locations and positions the brand as the best value in prepaid wireless., May 11, 2017

Boost Mobile Makes Switching, Saving Easy
Boost Mobile equates switching wireless carriers with saving money in a new campaign for the Sprint-owned, prepaid wireless brand. The new effort, from agency Schiefer Chopshop, emphasizes the ease with which one can switch to Boost mobile., May 10, 2017

Prestone® Performance Products, May 9, 2017

If I Knew Then...
What I learned was that great ideas don’t necessarily translate directly to execution. The creative process doesn’t end once you ready your solution for presentation to the client., January 13, 2017

Top 10 Account Wins of the Week, October 3, 2017

DEFY the Elements by Schiefer Chopshop for Prestone
The Film titled DEFY the Elements was done by Schiefer Chopshop advertising agency for Prestone in United States. It was released in Oct 2017., January 13, 2017

Dancing in the Streets with JCDecaux and Boost Mobile
Bored at the bus stop? In December, Boost Mobile, in collaboration with JCDecaux North America, launched a Virtual Reality campaign at a bus shelter in Chicago taking commuters on a trip to a block party in an Unlimited World., October 3, 2017

Defying the Elements - Motor Trend Presents
The TV Commercial Ad titled Defying the Elements - Motor Trend Presents was done by Schiefer Chopshop advertising agency for brand: Prestone in United States. It was released in the Oct 2017., January 13, 2017

Schiefer Chopshop Named AOR for Prestone Products Corporation
Agency will handle creative, advertising, social media, media buying and digital video content production. Media and creative content company SCS was recently named agency of record for the leader in underhood chemicals, Prestone Products Corporation, continuing a 31-year history of representing top automotive brands., January 5, 2017

Interactive VR Display Livens Up Chicago Transit Shelter
Boost Mobile's virtual experience was aimed at those waiting to catch a bus. Bored while waiting for your early morning commute? What if you could teleport to a virtual world to kill time? Creative digital agency Schiefer Chopshop teamed up with Boost Mobile to design an interactive VR display for a downtown Chicago transit shelter utilizing a large shadow box, and VR props such as gloves from MMA fighter Rampage Jackson and a surfboard from Rob Machado., December 29, 2016

Boost Mobile Sets Up VR Booth In Chicago
Boost Mobile's holiday exhibit within a downtown Chicago transit shelter exceeded expectations by connecting TV to digital to experiential in a unique way., November 21, 2016

Schiefer Media and ChopShop Merge to Form Integrated Content and Media Agency
Media agency Schiefer Media and creative content firm ChopShop announced they are merging as Schiefer Chopshop (SCS)., November 8, 2016

Blizzard releases documentary on e-sports, Heroes of the Dorm tournament
Last year Blizzard hosted a nationwide Heroes of the Storm collegiate tournament focusing on the nation’s top players from 64 universities., November 1, 2016

A Behind the Scenes Look at Boost Mobile's New Multi-Media VR Campaign
Wireless lifestyle brand Boost Mobile recently tapped creative content company Chopshop to help reinvent their iconic “Where You At” tagline with the multi-media VR campaign, “We Are #WhereYouAt”.
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