Everything starts with your key business objectives. What are the goals? What does success look like? That's the cornerstone of what we do. Armed with research, insights, trends, technology, and an unrivalled proprietary data visualization tool, The SCS Marketing Intelligence Platform, SCS uncovers where the opportunities intersect with the customer’s passions, and strike there first.
To develop hardworking, breakthrough creative that captures the customer's imagination, we begin by building shared experiences. Ideas that are relatable, exciting, and relevant to culture. From those shared spaces, we develop 360° campaigns that tell stories to inspire the customer, the kind of work that touches their heart. Because once you perfectly align a person's passion with a brand, you have a customer for life.
After 31 years of crafting media strategies, planning, buying, and managing in traditional and digital channels, you learn a few things. Today’s media is an ever-changing formula of science, art, and gut instinct. At SCS, our media team works synergistically with the creative department to deliver the most effective program for our clients, along with real-time performance measurements so we can proactively fine-tune and respond.
SCS creates digital products that include websites, apps, interactive displays, and a host of other digital and online experiences. All designed for powerful analytics integration with the SCS Marketing Intelligence platform, so that we can monitor and optimize for better results.
“Content” is one of those buzzwords that can cover a pretty huge area. At SCS, our core is branded content and entertainment. With 13 years of experience, an award winning, in-house director at the helm, an on-site production studio, and a host of producers and creators making cost-efficient content at a speed-to-market-rate that no traditional agency can compete with— we feel like we have some authority on the subject.
The beauty of social media is the opportunity it presents to get real with your customers. You can become part of the conversation, talk to customers on a less formal level, and share in the passions that drive their every move. Each social channel presents different challenges, and different opportunities to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers. And our social team is here to help brands navigate those spaces.